Katy Sgouraditis, Accredited Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner,  Certified Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

I'm Katy, a Therapist and Life Coach. I help stuck midlifers overcome self-sabotaging habits and behaviors, and perpetuating cycles of self-doubt so they can finally unleash their inner power, step into their true potential and achieve their life desires. 

I know exactly what its like to feel deep down that your capable of so much more, knowing you have gifts to share with the world and wanting to achieve so much.

But I was stuck, depressed, anxious and holding myself back with self-sabotaging behaviors. I didn't know what my blocks were, I didn't understand why I was feeling the way I was.  I wanted to really live to my full potential, I knew I had more in me, somewhere...

Every day I would wake up knowing there was more to life. I just wanted to be happy, content, satisfied and fulfilled. Surely that wasn't too much to ask for?   I wanted to find my place in the world, to understand why I was here, to get to a place of achievement and accomplishment.  But something was holding me back.

My self-doubt crippled me daily. I'd lost all my confidence, unsure of my capabilities in anything. I was lost and disconnected.  But also still dreaming of a better life, a better way.

Fear had a vice grip over me, procrastination had taken over. I wasn't capable of doing anything to help myself. I was anxious about the future, worried that time was running out.  I couldn't go on like this... I still wanted to achieve so much...

One day, as I laid in my bed, I could hear my family downstairs and instead of joining them, I just pulled the covers over my head and cried and cried.  What had happened to me? I was a shadow of my old self.


My loss of enthusiasm for life got so bad, that I just wanted to sleep all the time and I felt so disconnected from the people I love, and the whole world around me.  I knew it wasn't right and I'd had enough.


My doctor suggested that I get blood work done and everything came back normal, physically I was very healthy.  So WTF was wrong with me?!  After mentioning to my doctor that it must 'all be in my head', I was asked a series of questions and subsequently diagnosed with sever depression and moderate anxiety and was recommended medication.

Damn it...  I knew there must have been another way out of this perpetual inner turmoil.


I started reading all the self-help and personal development books I could find and sought more and more knowledge about how to be happier and more fulfilled. I attended seminars, workshops, numerous Tony Robbins events, experienced Rapid Transformational Therapy and hired different life coaches specializing in self-esteem, confidence, self-love, mindset, business and spiritual growth. 

Learning that all the bad crap I was feeling about myself was all about my own negative mindset was the beginning of a powerful and life changing journey for me. It wouldn’t have mattered where I lived, or what career I had, I would always have the same problems until I gained clarity, released my inner demons and sorted my head out!

I was able to break through my self-sabotaging behaviors and the endless cycle of negative self doubt. I gained clarity over events from the past and was able to see many things from a different perspective, which absolutely changed my life! My confidence grew exponentially, as I worked through all my challenges and fears.




Knowing what a fundamental impact therapy and coaching made to my life and feeling and living this new empowerment, I made the decision to become a therapist and mindset coach myself.  I delved in deep, studied hard and fully embraced all this new mind-blowing knowledge.  I became an International Accredited Coaching Master, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner.

Now, I am SO thrilled to be living my true purpose in life with my own therapy and coaching practice, helping clients all over the world to overcome their own sabotaging challenges and literally turning their lives around and achieving their desires. 

Over the last few years, I have learnt exactly what works, and if you would like to slay your own self-sabotaging ways, book a complimentary call to find out how I can help you too, just click the button below

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