Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

Katy has been instrumental in releasing some of the blocks I had. I was really struggling with how others would perceive the career choice I had been dreaming of for years! It was particular “others” and Katy helped me to really break this down and got me to dig deep around this. The result was like a massive weight being lifted and I am now pursuing my dream career! Katy also helped me with my confidence issues and has really helped me to improve this area so much that I am more determined than ever to reach the goals I have set myself. I would have found every reason under the sun to stay in my comfort zone but Katy has really pushed me to keep going. When we began working together we did the life wheel exercise and I am so happy that in the time we worked together I was able to improve in every area, some of them to exactly where I wanted them to be!

Emma Cornwell

Katy is one of the coaches I easily open up to. She makes you feel heard, valued and appreciated, with her very likable personality and massive experience in life, that is why I have no doubt she will be able to bring out the best in me.

She opened up my heart to change. My mindset from feeling bitter about my past to being open and embrace the learning to take with me for my future goals and I know this is just the beginning.

She listens intently and allowed me to be myself and express myself that resulted in me realizing my own potential. Her support and powerful ways of coaching help me a lot to open new insights for me.

I truly appreciate you Katy and I’m glad to have worked with you.

Marie Gibbon


I have recently finished 6 coaching sessions with Katy & I absolutely loved them! My sessions with Katy were my first experience of coaching & I felt really comfortable & listened to. Katy helped to reframe the way I think, build confidence & also to use empowering language - it makes such a difference! Katy you’re an amazing coach & I would 100% recommend you!

Laura Elliott

Katy is a fantastic coach, I can’t praise her enough! I had never been coached before and didn’t really know what to expect, but from my very first session with her I felt completely at ease and confident in her abilities. She really listens and understands and is super supportive throughout the whole process. Not only that, but the realizations Katy helped me achieve have been astounding! She has used some brilliant techniques in our sessions to help me work through challenges I was facing and I can honestly say I have seen some huge changes both in my perspective on things and in my own confidence, self belief and taking action which has had amazing results! I couldn’t have got there without Katy’s help and I am so grateful to her It really is life-changing, so if you’re considering going to Katy for coaching, do it!

Lucy Ward