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Effective Therapy for

Weight Loss

Have you tried many different diets, only to find the weight creeps back on?

Logically you know that to loose weight you have to eat less and exercise more, but you can't find the self-discipline to stick to a plan?

Perhaps you can't control your cravings for carbs, chocolate or cheeseburgers?

To find out how RTT therapy CAN help you achieve your ideal weight forever!

Slay Sabotage & Create Confidence

Do you often find yourself procrastinating, fearing failure or comparing yourself to others?

Are you insecure, lacking in confidence and indecisive?

You want to progress, but something is holding you back?

Do you constantly doubt yourself and have negative self-talk?



For more information on how to overcome your self-sabotage and create more inner confidence!

Quit Smoking -

For Good

Are you looking for an effective and lasting way to quit smoking and protect your lungs?

Have you tried to quit before with willpower or medication only to relapse because of cravings, stress or weight gain?

If you want to quit smoking easily so you can live a long, healthy and happy life with your loved ones.



To understand how hypnosis and a personalized audio recording can help you quit for good!


How to overcome self-doubt, gain clarity and create a purposeful life

Life Coaching provides accountability to keep you progressing towards your goals

It involves various mindset and NLP techniques to reframe negative thoughts, to overcome beliefs that limit you and to create confidence

Want to achieve your goals, but need a little extra support?

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) by Marisa Peer, is a hybrid therapy based on neuroscience

It combines the most beneficial principles of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to get the root of a client's issue and negative beliefs, enabling them to address the issues in depth and completely overcome them

Find out how this award winning therapy can help you

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Find out what clients are saying about RTT Therapy and Life Coaching

Let the results speak for themselves

You will see testimonials from clients who have experienced coaching and therapy sessions to help them overcome their individual challenges.

Click the link below to see what they've overcome and see the progress that they have made

Katy Sgouraditis

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