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Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Katy

Life Coaching is the perfect compliment to RTT, it’s the icing on the cake, the cherry on top! I use RTT as a powerful tool to access your subconscious mind to find the root cause of the challenge you are stuck with. That in itself can be extremely transformational as understanding is power and it's so much easier to fix what we understand. We get straight to the source of the problem and fix it from there, rather than putting on a band-aid.


Supplementing RTT with weekly one-to-one coaching sessions provides additional life-changing benefits and we can make serious progress towards getting you to the best version of yourself. Accountability is key and with coaching, we set weekly actions to take to keep moving forward. I’ve got your back, I’m your biggest fan, I love you, I want you to succeed, I’m your cheerleader, and nothing gives me more pride than to see you become and achieve everything you want. It’s the difference that makes the difference.


Even though I trust my intuition and tailor coaching sessions to suit each individual client's needs, I do follow my own personally developed coaching program which can include all or some of the following elements;

  • A deep dive session to fully understand how satisfied and fulfilled you are in all aspects of your life because if even one area of your life is off balance you will feel like something’s not right. Coaching helps discover what in your life requires attending to to bring you more balance and hence more happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Fully understanding what you want in life, how you want to feel and what you want to achieve. We go deep here to ensure the ladder you’re climbing up is not against the wrong wall. So often make of us can have a goal, such as earning more money, or a promotion, or career change, or losing 30lbs, so we work hard and focus on that goal, but when we achieve it, we feel exactly the same inside and wonder why are not happy for long. It’s imperative to really investigate what you really want and why, what it will look like, sound like and feel like and I’ll then help you get there.

  • Goal setting on steroids! Here we hit goal setting from all aspects and formulate a comprehensive plan that if you follow, you’ll absolutely achieve what you want.

  • Along the way we can push through any roadblocks along the way as life is like that but I have a whole range of techniques to get you through barriers that emerge such as; Conflict resolution, decision making, overcoming fear, increasing confidence, lessening the emotional impact of PTSD and trauma, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, problem-solving, forming a new identity, shifting perspective, installing empowering beliefs, action taking, strategy planning, finding your purpose, stepping into your super-powers, seeing the future and so much more. No stone will be left unturned!


I use a range of modalities in my programs such as; coaching techniques, NLP techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation, guided visualizations, Emotional Freedom Techniques, journal prompts and further techniques to tap into your subconscious mind. Having a personal coach, your own personal coach, completely dedicated to your success, who believes in you 100%, whose success is dependent on your success, is comforting, liberating and freeing.


There’s a reason why even the most successful people have coaches; because it works!

" A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness"
       Elaine McDonald

How the Coaching Sessions Work

We set a suitable date and time for you for your powerful one-to-one weekly coaching sessions which are delivered via Zoom for approximately 1 hour at a time. Ideally, we meet at the same time and day each week, however, I am flexible as life isn’t always that straight forward! We can fit in coaching sessions that suit your schedule.


The Zoom link is sent to you automatically to you via email upon booking your coaching session. If you ready to take the plunge, to rid yourself of the negative self-take, lack of self-belief, procrastination, fear, feeling underserving, or just generally not knowing what is wrong but just feeling off or dissatisfied, check out my packages. 


Perhaps you need help with clarifying your purpose in life, or maybe you want to increase your confidence or improve your performance.


Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Do you just want to become a better version of yourself? Maybe you're tired of your old habits and behaviours, whatever it might be, reach out and we can talk more about how I can help you…

How Coaching can specifically help you?…

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Katy specializes in helping you over-come any self-sabotaging habits and behaviors such as; low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fears, procrastination, loss of motivation, imposter syndrome, bad habits, addictions and weight issues.


As well as, helping you excel with finding your purpose, goal setting and improving your performance. Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.

After my session, I feel relieved, much lighter and more confident in speak up for myself. I'm less anxious and I can control my thoughts better. I listen to the recording almost everyday and I can speak up more for what I want and I don't want. I love myself more and I know my worth. Thank you so much Katy

Aim Saneebuttra

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