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This new workshop series is designed to uncover and blow apart whatever is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself and achieving what you truly desire, getting you to a place where you literally exude confidence and step into your superpowers and ultimately smash the goals that you've been longing to hit for years! Each workshop combines hypnotherapy with live coaching to give you the benefits of my transformative experience.


The first workshop, ‘Slay Sabotage’, is where we get right into the thick of it, uncovering the root cause/the reason behind what’s causing you to sabotage your own success. Perhaps, you know exactly what you want in life, but find that you keep procrastinating and you don’t really understand why? Maybe your consistent self-doubt is making you overthink everything and leaving you feeling paralyzed. Your self-esteem could be low causing you to feel like you’re not good enough or worthy enough to truly go after what you desire. Do you find you’re comparing yourself to others and feeling jealous and unfulfilled with your own life? You might be in a state of constant overwhelm or fear. Avoiding things that are difficult or uncomfortable might be the norm for you. Or perhaps you just find yourself completely lacking in motivation....


In this workshop, we establish and remove self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and from here we build and grow your confidence exponentially. You’ll be expertly guided through various techniques to create inner confidence that radiates from within, helping you to become the version of yourself that you are really proud of and admire. This workshop is designed for anyone wishing to build their own self-confidence in any situation, whether you need a boost as you have job interviews coming up, sales calls, networking events, or you’d like to improve your performance or go for a promotion at work. Maybe you dream of starting your own business but lack the confidence to just get started, or you want to grow your side hustle into something bigger. Whatever it might be, lots of us could do with a confidence boost to help us move forward in life...



This workshop is goal setting on steroids!!! It’s a unique formula to fully examine and understand why you want this goal and EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve it. We’ll hit it from all angles, and break it apart, we’ll get to know it inside and out. By the end of the workshops, you’ll have an in-depth and detailed plan of action to make sure your goal becomes a reality. And, it can be any goal; business, work, career, personal, relationship, financial, health, fitness, adventure, bucket list, whatever… It doesn’t matter what your goal is, this process can be applied to any goal setting at all. It's imperative that we make sure it’s the right goal for you. Your goal, not anyone else’s. We want to make sure as you climb up that ladder, that when you get to the top, it’s definitely where you want to be and through powerful NLP techniques, you be able to feel it, experience it and know that you’re on the right path....  

Upcoming Workshops

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