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Would you like to reach your ideal weight and maintain it?

Dietless Life 12 week program!

Imagine being able to achieve your ideal body and experience a massive confidence boost without strict diets or harsh gym workouts!

If you’ve tried everything, including paleo, keto, raw food, diet pills, calorie counting, and punishing workouts, and are left feeling disappointed and frustrated, join me on this new cutting-edge program and reach your ideal weight with ease.

As trained directly by ​Marisa Peer, a World Leader in the diet and wellness industry for the past 30 years, I'm thrilled to be a qualified Dietless Life Coach and RTT Therapist enabling me to help you achieve your ideal weight and transform your life for the better!

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Diets don't work!

Did you know that every time you restrict calories, you reduce the likelihood of your diet working? 


It sounds strange, but it's because your resting metabolic rate decreases every time you diet and it doesn’t go up again when you stop. 


When you regain and start to carry excess weight, your resting metabolic rate drops even further, and this is the unspoken damage that dieting does to you.

Unfortunately, more dieting CAN'T fix this.

That's a difficult reality to be facing... however I DO have some great news for you. 


Marisa Peer used her 30+ years in the diet industry to create something revolutionary called the Dietless Life. 


It’s very different from any other methods you may have tried. 


This is based on Marisa's vast experience and knowledge of helping real women meet and sustain their ideal weight with ease.


Dietless Life is a proven method of hypnosis that will not only help you increase your metabolic rate, but  also improve digestion and change your taste buds, leaving you preferring healthy food all the time. The best part? It won’t feel like hard work or restrictive.


The Dietless Life unique method of hypnosis can increase your metabolic rate while changing your weight, shape, size, and relationship with food.

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The Dietless Life program addresses the real challenges of weight loss: losing and sustaining, consistent healthy choices, having the confidence to eat differently, and improving metabolic function—all without the need to diet

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The Dietless Life program is a methodology by Marisa Peer, a world leader in the diet and wellness industry, and the program is delivered by Katy Sgouradits, one of the first cohorts of Dietless Life Coaches in the World


I have spent my entire life on one diet or another and have lost and gained back so much weight that I was beginning to think that nothing would ever work for me.  I have several health issues now that are directly related to my weight and would greatly improve if I could shed the weight.  I have always hated my body and how I looked and had lost all hope of that ever changing! I was honestly quite skeptical when I was told about this course because of my track record and I really didn't think it would help at all, but I figured I didn't have anything to lose.  I made a commitment to give it my all and really do my best to be open to whatever was instore.  I attended every meeting and did all of the workbook questions and listened to all of the hypnosis videos faithfully and started to notice changes almost within the first week.  I started to feel full faster and I started to notice that I didn't even think about food anymore.  I learned a lot about changing my mind process and the way that I think about food and dieting.  I was encouraged and greatly inspired along the way, by Katy and the other wonderful ladies in the program.  I found Katy and her Dietless Life program to be a priceless miracle in my life and I would recommend the program to anyone who struggles with food or weight issues.  I have shed 9 pounds so far and I feel strongly that I will be able to maintain and shed even more over time, using the tools that I have learned through this program; and best of all I never have to be on a diet ever again!!!  Thank you Katy and the Dietless Life program for giving me my life back.

Participant feedback


The fundamental principle of this program is about understanding and working through negative and unhealthy beliefs about food. We learnt where those beliefs derived from and how we carry those beliefs with us into adulthood. For me, as an adult I would buy and eat a lot of candy and sweet based products, especially when stressed, upset, in pain, after having a bad day and even when I was celebrating and happy. Any excuse, I would reach for the candy. As I got older, I began to recognize this habit and behaviour and realized that it is in no way healthy and would likely contribute to negative health outcomes as I got older. Through the dietless life program, I have learnt why I reach for the candy, where it came from (moments in childhood) and how I can break those beliefs (which I have). Losing weight, having more energy, glowing skin have all been additional benefits for me. I think the long-term positive impacts of this program is what makes it a success. I now have the audios for life and can tap into them whenever I want or need. It is not a diet, there are no strict rules or weighing of food or eating boring and tasteless foods. It is about finding what your body wants and needs to become a healthier version of itself. I would highly recommend this program if you recognize how unhealthy eating habits and behaviours are negatively impacting your health and life. A remarkable amount of change can happen in three short months (I actually started noticing differences about three weeks).


I am thrilled to share my incredibly positive experience with Katy Sgourditis and her transformative Dietless Life coaching program. Unlike the numerous weight loss methods I've tried in the past, Dietless Life stands out by shifting the focus from mere weight loss to a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. Katy's role as an excellent Dietless Life Coach is nothing short of inspiring – her personalized guidance and uplifting approach create a nurturing and supportive environment, both individually and within the group. Katy's certifications as a hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, and Dietless Life Coach highlight her dedication to professional excellence and her deep understanding of the complexities of personal transformation. Her unwavering commitment to her clients goes beyond the sessions, as she provides genuine support and encouragement throughout the entire journey. The Dietless Life program is a refreshingly authentic approach that can truly transform not only your body but your entire perspective on life. If you're tired of the weight loss rollercoaster and ready for a journey of self-discovery, Katy Sgourditis is the compassionate and skilled coach you need to guide you towards a healthier and more confident you.

Brand new!!! - revolutionary Dietless Life program. It might just change the way you view yourself, your body, and your weight.

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How is 'Dietless Life' different from a 'Diet'?

First, I want you to understand if you’ve been struggling with your weight for years, it’s NOT your fault.


It’s not your fault that you find yourself unable to resist sugar, unable to resist food when it’s in front of you, unable to stick to healthy eating in times of stress and overwhelm, and unable to leave food on your plate.


Your body is designed to keep the weight on as a matter of survival! 


You are hard wired to always look for calorie-dense food and worry you won’t have enough from the moment you’re born.


Your primitive brain is scared of hunger because hundreds of years ago, it was the number one cause of death.


We’re wired to fear hunger and to feel panicky when we get that feeling of emptiness in our stomach, causing us to binge eat. 


So it’s genuinely NOT your fault when you go on a diet and end up eating or overeating something you were trying to avoid.


The good news is, this is all solvable using the Dietless Life framework, and I’m inviting you to join me today!


The Dietless Life program resolves the underlying cause of overeating

For years, the dieting industry has taken advantage of your biological desire to over-eat. In fact, they profit from "body shaming" you and encourage you to engage in abusive behavior.  


This may look like promoting punishing workouts at the gym, encouraging you to cut out fat and certain food groups, restricting everything you eat by going on an unappetizing soup or shake diet, living on meal replacement bars and highly processed diet foods...know that these options won't can't work.


It may also look like encouraging you to use laxatives and appetite suppressants, being outed in front of a group at a weekly weigh-in event, or calling food good or bad, naughty or sins.  


You deserve a new approach to achieving your ideal body.


Dietless Life coaches believe that the only way to have the body you love is to love the body you have. The first step is to treat your body with respect and care.


The techniques within Dietless Life come from a place of self respect and NOT abuse. This is how you generate lasting change, reach and then easily maintain your ideal weight.


This is something the diet industry has completely ignored for their own benefit.

You shouldn’t love or hate food. You shouldn’t call it good or bad, or have good days or bad.


You shouldn’t refer to food as "sins" or "naughty" like Weight Watchers often does, which creates a distorted, unhealthy relationship with food that Dietless Life has been created to overcome.

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Dietless Life is designed to create effortless life-long change

Loving and respecting the only body you have means being highly motivated to take care of it and creating lifelong habits about what you eat and how you treat your body.


Working with me through this program, you can be confident that I will guide you towards effortlessly achieving your ideal weight and I'll help you maintain it.


The Dietless Life is NOT JUST another diet.


It's a system for change that harnesses the power of your mind and resets your eating habits and your behaviors.


Imagine feeling full of energy, being your ideal weight, and having the power to choose actions that keep you at your ideal weight, shape, and size.


Imagine having confidence because you no longer struggle with your weight and all the negative emotions that come with that...


...And now imagine having the ability to face daily challenges without using food as a cure-all.


Join me and you’ll see how the Dietless Life makes this all happen for you.

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The Truth Is - Diets Only Appear  To Work...

Think about it for a moment...If diets worked, we would only ever need to go one diet once in our lifetime.


That's not the case though, is it? 


The truth is that diets FAIL 95% of the time.


What’s worse is that they make YOU feel like a failure, not the other way around.


The reality is that no one can stay on a restrictive diet for more than six weeks without getting into the yo-yo behavior that is so common with diets.


Even worse, dieting means you have become addicted to the concept that diets work and believe you can't maintain your weight unless you diet even more, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Now, Let’s Look at Some Data… 

According to the eating disorder charity BEAT, 88% of people with eating and weight loss problems have them because they have an emotional relationship with food. A further 85% of people comfort eat because they have a negative body image.


Emotional eaters use food to soothe unhappy feelings and to temporarily solve anger, loneliness, and unhappiness because eating temporarily switches them off from their negative emotions.


This is why the Dietless Life's revolutionary approach addresses the emotional problems first, so you get the results you’ve always wanted.


Your body reacts to dieting using an evolutionary response, meaning when you restrict food intake, your metabolism to slow down. This was a smart evolutionary hack to prevent you from losing too much weight in times of famine.


In other words, diets make your body think it’s starving.


That slows down the metabolic rate to minimize weight loss, and when you eat normally again, it stores fat for the next round of expected starvation.

More than 90% of people regain all the weight they lose while dieting, and over 70% of dieters become heavier than when they began dieting in the first place.


No diet can raise your resting metabolic rate. In fact, over time, continuous dieting lowers it for good.


With a lower resting metabolic rate, you’re more likely to become overweight, and when you carry excess body fat, this slows your metabolic rate again, leaving overweight people stuck in a vicious cycle that Dietless Life can free you from.

And these results go way beyond body weight.


Once you join the program. you’ll start to see many other areas of your life improve, like your relationships, attitude, and mindset.


The Dietless Life is an Easy-to-Follow 3-Step process


Coach, Code, Change

Step 1: COACH


In the program, I coach you LIVE and online via Zoom on using unique strategies and techniques to reach and maintain your ideal weight.


Each week, I show you incredible, effective, and proven strategies that enable you to become and stay diet free and at a normal weight for you.


Step 2: CODE

Every thought you think is a blueprint that your mind and body work to make real.


In this program, you'll enjoy a powerful LIVE online hypnosis every week where I will hypnotize you to eat differently and think differently.


The use of the hypnosis session recording can change your relationship with food, which will change your weight, shape, and size.


Listening to the hypnosis recording can raise your resting metabolic rate using something Marisa Peer created called ‘Command Therapy.’


Command Therapy can also improve your digestion and your preferences for food, so your appetite decreases, your weight shape and size decrease, while your metabolism and motivation both increase.


You also get to enjoy a detailed hypnosis session recording where you imagine your stomach is small and shrunken so you are satisfied quickly and have no desire to overeat and prefer healthy food.


Each week, you’ll also receive a new hypnosis audio designed to support and code in the teaching.


You play your hypnotic audios at home to code in the changes that occur during the hypnosis sessions. Regularly playing your hypnotic audio is designed to wire in permanent change outside of the weekly session.


These changes occur within your subconscious mind (which will now believe that you prefer to eat less, you prefer healthy food, and you are always satisfied with less food).


Step 3: CHANGE


I care deeply about helping you reach your ideal weight, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. 


Enjoy your classes and your live hypnosis sessions, then listen to your audios and let them rewire and recode your subconscious mind so you have a normal healthy relationship with food. 


You will start seeing your transformation happen quickly, first in your mind, then in your body. You can safely and naturally transform your habits and reach your ideal weight.


Feel confident knowing you’re on your way towards finally achieving your Dietless Life. Each day, you’ll move closer toward the NEW YOU! Finally, feel free from the need to diet and be failed by diets.

Begin Your Dietless Life Today!

Sign up today to secure your place!


The Dietless Life program will work for you whether you want to release an extra 10Ibs, 30Ibs, or even over 100Ibs. 


By joining today, you’ll be on the FAST TRACK towards achieving your ideal weight.


When you become a Dietless Life member, you’re in good hands. And, you’ll have everything you need to help you succeed in the program.


You’ll feel reassured that you made the decision to work with me. 


And know that...

  • YOUR relationship with food will change so that you can make better food choices for life

  • YOUR ​positive self-image will increase so that you can live with the confidence you deserve no matter your size

  • ​YOUR overall health will improve so that you can do the things you love effortlessly

  • ​​YOUR metabolism can increase, so you’re able to burn more calories efficiently

Here's What the Dietless Life 

Program Includes...


  • 12 weekly life-changing online Dietless Life LIVE group coaching sessions with Katy

  • Weekly Dietless Life LIVE online hypnosis sessions

  • 12 impactful Dietless Life audio downloads

  • Dietless Life's unique approach to increasing your resting metabolic rate

  • ​Dietless Life goodie bag including powerful audios, videos, and motivational talks, mood and food journals, goal setting templates, and SO much more

  • Dietless Life exclusive access to Marisa Peer's new book, Dietless Life

  • Dietless Life Personal Development Workbook, including robust tactics and strategies

  • Full Dietless Life support from Katy throughout the 12 week program

  • Inclusion in a private Community Support group


If you join Dietless Life today, you will get access to an introductory offer of $116 per month for 3 months


The fee for the 12 week Dietless Life Program is just three installments of $116


I’m so confident I can help you, if you don’t feel it’s for you, you have 14 days to get a no-questions asked full refund

begin today

You can finally end your addiction to dieting and step out of the vicious circle of weight gain and weight loss

12 Week Program Start Date > 5th February

Begin Your Dietless Life Journey Today At This Special Introductory Offer Price!

Join and effortlessly become the weight, shape, and size you want to be without punishing your body and feeling full of guilt, shame, and blame. 

Sign Up Today To Secure Your Place!

The Introductory Offer Is…

Just three Instalments of $116

Secure your spot now, and let’s transform your life together. 

“It’s all about reprogramming your subconscious to work for your goals, not against them…”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dietless Life Program? Dietless Life is a 12 week online program through which Katy Sgouraditis (as taught by Marisa Peer) coaches people with frustrating issues around food, weight and body image and uses unique methods to show them how to live a diet-free life. It's very innovative. very different and very powerful - there's nothing on the market like it. Voted Britain's best therapist twice, Marisa has been one of the top therapists in the UK for many years. Having trained more than 13,000 therapists and coaches, she was also asked to lecture at the Royal College of Medicine in London, where she taught doctors how to get their clients to lose weight. Although some of these doctors were weight loss and obesity specialists, they just couldn't get their patients to lose much weight or maintain any loss. Katy Sgouraditis is a certified Dietless Life Coach as uses the methods taught by Marisa Peer to all clients in the program. Each week online, Katy will deliver 1.5 hour coaching session, followed by a hypnosis session (approx 30 mins). The sessions are recorded and the replays are available to all course participants. Audios, workbooks are provided each week.

How is this program different from the thousands of weight loss products on the market? Katy Sgouraditis as been taught by Marisa Peer, Britain's number one weight loss author, and in this special program, you get to experience first-hand powerful methods to help you get to your ideal weight. It's exciting because diets don't work: diets have an almost 98% failure rate. No one can stay on a diet for more than six weeks. The real problem with dieting is that when a diet fails, people never say the diet failed; they say, "I failed" and "I failed to stick to a diet." You cannot stick to a diet. So this is an anti-diet program that works. It shows you that staying on a diet makes you addicted to the process of constantly trying new diets. It makes you understand that this is not your fault; you didn't design hideous foods full of fat, sugar, and addictive chemicals.

Why should I join this program? It gives you freedom and empowerment - the freedom to have a normal relationship with food and reach your ideal body weight. Achieving your ideal weight is important - it's exciting - and finally, it's available to you! We start with the premise that overeating is not a behavior we're born with - we learn it. Dietless Life works on the emotional issues that lead to overeating. All eating problems stem from emotions that simply cannot be fixed by logic. The problem with dieting is that it has a one-size-fits-all mentality that says everyone needs to count calories, and that simply isn't true. The number one reason diets fail is a lack of portable food: people don't leave home without food for their baby, yet they will go out all day and expect Starbucks to feed them. When you learn to carry some food with you, you immediately break that number one habit. You can't fix what you don't understand - you can't heal what you don't feel. And when you understand what type of eater you are, you can change it. Dietless Life uses tools and techniques to show that your thoughts create feelings, your feelings create actions, and your actions create behaviors. Diets focus on changing the actions, not the thoughts, hence the huge failure rate. Dietless Life changes the thoughts that run the actions.

Who is Dietless Life for? This course is perfect for you if you're looking to reach and maintain your ideal weight. If you don't want to diet anymore and want to fix your relationship with food, this course is for you.

What does the Dietless Life Program do? It permanently resets your mind and your relationship with food - it rewires you to think differently about food! When you're in the womb, food is there 24 hours a day. It's like having 24-hour room service. Babies are born believing that food is always there: "I feed when I want to." It's almost impossible to get a baby to overeat - even a one-year-old - because they still have that wiring. Things only change as they get older, when their parents say, "Don't leave that; it's a waste. Do you know how much that cost?" Did you know that every time you restrict calories, you reduce the likelihood of your diet working? That's because your resting metabolic rate decreases each time you diet, and it doesn't go up again. Then, when you regain and start carrying excess weight, your resting metabolic rate drops further. And this is the damage dieting does to you. More dieting simply can't fix this. Marisa's proven method of hypnosis (as delivered by Katy Sgouraditis) can increase your metabolic rate, improve your digestion and change your taste buds, leaving you preferring healthy food all the time. It won't feel restrictive or like hard work. It does this using a unique three-step process called Coach, Code and Care. •Coach - Katy will coach you to reach your ideal weight by teaching you how to overcome the pitfalls. •Code - Through a powerful, weekly hypnosis, to help change your weight, shape, size, and your entire relationship with food. Command therapy is used to help improve your digestion and your preferences for food so that your appetite decreases, your weight, shape and size decrease, while your metabolism and motivation increase. •Care - Providing online support to help to increase your chance of success.

Why hypnosis gets phenomenal results. Have you ever tried to change a habit using your strongest willpower, only to discover a week later that you've fallen back into the same old pattern of behavior? Hypnosis works by getting to the root cause—digging deeper, to specifically rewire your subconscious mind and change your habits for good. Most of us aren't aware of what drives our habits and behaviors because of subconscious blocks, so we self-sabotage. Therefore, we continue to run the same patterns repeatedly and get stuck in a rut. To truly understand our mind, we need to change it at its core. Unless we change at the root, no matter what we try to change at the surface level, we'll always revert to old, familiar patterns of behavior, which, of course, feels very frustrating. Imagine your mind is like an elastic band: it continues to bounce back to only what it knows. Hypnosis stretches and breaks that 'elastic band' entirely. In other words, when you use your hypnosis audio, your mind will stretch, breaking the old behavior and making a new pathway—a brand new habit. Hypnosis also gets extraordinary results because it works on our emotional state. We have a conscious, 'logical' mind' and a subconscious, 'feeling mind.' Our subconscious emotions and feelings will always defeat the logical part of our mind. That's why your hypnosis audio will help reprogram your mind to tackle any fears and blocks your rational (conscious) mind simply cannot reach.

What do I get with the Dietless Life Program? 12 weekly life-changing online Dietless Life LIVE group coaching sessions with Katy Weekly Dietless Life LIVE online hypnosis sessions 12 impactful Dietless Life audio downloads Dietless Life's unique approach to increasing your resting metabolic rate ​Dietless Life goodie bag including powerful audios, videos, and motivational talks, mood and food journals, goal setting templates, and SO much more Dietless Life exclusive access to Marisa Peer's new book, Dietless Life Dietless Life Personal Development Workbook, including robust tactics and strategies Full Dietless Life support from Katy throughout the 12 week program Inclusion in a private Community Support group

How long does the Dietless Life take? This is a 12 week program, and each week we cover a different topic with new audios to listen too. If you miss a week, it does not matter as all the content is available to you, whenever you wish to refer to it. There are 12 modules, and each week there is a LIVE coaching session and hypnosis session on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9pm Pacific Time. If you can't join us live, replays will be available to watch when you can. Each week, there is a 20-minute hypnosis audio for you to listen to for a minimum of 7 days (until the next module is released). You can continue to listen to these audios after all the modules have been released. There is also a chapter of Marisa's new book, Dietless Life: Your Diet Recovery Blueprint, for you to read each week.

What happens if I feel this program is not right for me? We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you find that 'Dietless Life' is not for you, all you would need to do is contact Katy Sgouraditis to arrange a refund: However, we ask that you do try and commit to the course to experience the best results.

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Dietless Life Coach & RTT Therapist


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